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August 10, 2006



I share your pain-in-the-arse experience with the E61. However, I was more patient and put up with it for a hairwrenching 3 weeks!!! Back to the Treo 650 I went.


hey bc - found your blog - nice to hear your thoughts. can't wait to see if you get the apple iphone and hope that if you do that you will compare and contrast it with the blackberry that you prefer at present.

I used a phone with the windows smartphone os (Audiovox SMT5600) for a while and felt that it was fundamentally a good foundation but msft was missing a great opportunity to make it great (some really cool functionality but some things related to usability just didn't make sense). i'm wondering if apple has really leaped over ms - and the blackberry - with their new iphone. can't wait to hear your assessment if you have the opportunity.

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